Achieve Your Dream Addition

Get the spacious room for your growing family! If you feel affection for the home you have, don’t move to adjust! By way of the right design-build remodeling contractor in CA, adding on to your home to create new space and renovating the space.

Our well design-build remodeling resource will design, engineer, and construct your new home addition with the best cost along with unique designs. If you are looking for a high-quality home additions contractor that you can trust, look no further than Amazing Cabinetry. We serve Laguna Niguel, Laguna Beach, Aliso Viejo, Mission Viejo, and Lake Forest has an excellent track record in creating life-long, satisfied clients.

Whether a second story addition, a kitchen or bath expansion, or a basement conversion, a home addition by Amazing Cabinetry will help you create a “new” home by adding strategically and tastefully to your existing house. With a deep appreciation for the range of architectural expression we work in partnership with designers and architects to guarantee that your add-on create architectural impression. With 14 years of experience as designers and builders of room additions and extensions, our commitment is to complete your project on time, within the agreed price, and always aim to give you a stress-free renovation.

Design Consultation

As of our design-build capabilities, we will design and build your home room addition, which can simplify and speed up the process. Throughout this process, we will find out your wants and needs, and determine a reasonable budget for your project.


We have all the details that you want, and what you already told the architect or designer, which saves you time! The amazing cabinetry crew has the best resource already anticipate what kind of work you want, which leads to perfect planning of home. In this, we will present you with design ideas and confirm plans for construction.